Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Noor Mukadam’s murder: ‘Accused was sound, in his senses at the time of his arrest’


ISLAMABAD: The investigators of Islamabad police have gotten more clues about the former envoy’s daughter, Noor Mukadam’s murder, ARY News reported on Thursday.

Senior Superintendent Police (SSP) Investigation Ataur Rehman, while addressing a press conference regarding the progress made in Noor Mukadam’s murder case, saying that the accused was sound and in his senses at the time of his arrest.

SSP Ataur Rehman detailed that police was informed by area residents regarding her murder and the investigators are now ascertaining the period of Noor’s residence in the area.

“When the accused was arrested, he was not drunk at all and he was sound and in his senses at the time of his arrest. He was allegedly tied up when he tried to attack someone else.”

He said that Zahir Jaffar was arrested from the murder scene as the police officials rushed to the site immediate just after the murder of Noor Mukadam. The forensic team collected all evidence from the crime scene, he added.

“Inspector General (IG) Islamabad visited the crime scene and also met the affected family. The accused is in police’s custody and interrogation is underway. It is our duty to provide justice to the affected family, whereas, the domestic employees are also being questioned.”

“We have no concerns whether the accused spent days in a rehabilitation centre or not. Domestic workers will be interrogated whether the accused and the girl had fought on that day.”

The police officer said that they recovered a pistol from Zahir’s house in which a bullet got stuck, whereas, the department has no criminal record of the accused in the murder case. Moreover, police also recovered a bloody knife and other items from his possession.

On July 20, a woman in her twenties, reportedly a daughter of a former ambassador, had been put to death allegedly by her own friend in the vicinity of Kohsar police station.

Kohsar police had confirmed the incident and said they have detained the alleged friend Zahir Jaffar, behind the murder of the former ambassador’s daughter Noor Mukadam.

The police had said one more person was injured in the event that took place at Jaffar’s residence where Mukadam went to pay him a visit.

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