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Owner of vehicle used in Lahore’s Johar Town bomb blast arrested


LAHORE: The security agencies have arrested the owner of the vehicle used in Lahore’s Johar Town bomb blast, citing sources, ARY News reported on Wednesday.

Sources closer to Excise Department said that the real owner of the vehicle was a resident of Hafizabad who was arrested by the security officials for investigation, whereas, the institutions confiscated a broken part of the vehicle’s engine.

It was learnt that it was a stolen vehicle was a 2010 Toyota Corolla that was used to carry out a bomb explosion in Lahore’s Johar Town. The car was being driven on an open letter after being sold by the Hafizabad resident two years ago, sources added.

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A case had also been registered at Gujranwala’s Cantt police station over the complaint of the owner Shakeel regarding the robbery of his vehicle with the number plate LEB-9928. The robbery had taken place on November 29, 2010 at 9:45 am.

lahore johar town bomb blast vehicle owner arrest

The dacoits had snatched the vehicle when the owner, Shakeel, had sent his driver, Manzoor, to his friend’s residence for handing him over the car.

Earlier, ARY News acquired the CCTV footage of a suspicious vehicle that was possibly used in Lahore’s Johar Town blast.

The CCTV footage shows a suspicious man wearing blue shalwar kameez is parking the black car in Lahore’s Johar Town, the area where the blast took place on Wednesday morning.

In the footage available with ARY News it can be seen that a suspicious man coming out of the black car that supposedly exploded 30 minutes later the man left the scene.

At least three people, including a six-year-old boy, were killed while 23 others got injured in a blast outside a house in Lahore’s Johar Town area.


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