Thursday, October 6, 2022

Pakistan’s first locally made electric car JAXERI for Rs4 million?


KARACHI: What strikes as an arrival of good times for Pakistani masses and industries alike, a locally manufactured electric car prototype, namely JAXERI aka NUR-E 75, was unveiled on the 75th independence day. The prototype is the brainchild of students from various local varsities finished and funded by local stakeholders under DICE Foundation umbrella, ARY News learned.

DICE foundation head Dr Khurshid Qureshi chaired the unveiling event with his presentation claiming the car, anticipated to be on roads by late 2024, will have a 60 to 40 ration of indigenization vs import. Which will be optimized to 80:20 in about a decade, he said.

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He said the electric car’s mere prototype took about seven years to finish since the inception and will be launched for market within about two years. It should cost about Rs4 million, he hesitantly shared.


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