Monday, October 3, 2022

Petrol, gas prices will likely go up again, PM says during national address


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan said Wednesday while addressing the nation to announce the ‘biggest’ relief package that the prices of petrol and gas will likely go up again owing to an international crisis, ARY News reported.

The gas prices in Europe have increased 300 per cent, the premier said adding that Pakistan is an importer of gas and crude oil which is why the prices here soar as well.

Even the air frieghts have surged 350 per cent, he said. The Premier further added that the international fuel prices have gone up about 100 pc but in Pakistan these were only hiked 33 pc.

We will have to jack up the prices of petrol once again in the future, he floated the apparition of impending inflation that couples petrol prices.

Today India sells petrol at Rs250 and Bangladesh at Rs200, he said, adding that by slashing the duties levied on petrol in Pakistan we have been able to bring down the prices to only Rs138.

Pakistan sells the cheapest petrol for a country that imports crude oil, he said.

PM Imran Khan announces Rs120bln relief package for 130mln people

Holding a national address earlier today to announce what’s dubbed the biggest relief package under the Ehsas Program umbrella, Prime Minister Imran Khan said if it wasn’t for the support from Pakistani allies i.e. China and Saudi Arabia, Pakistan would have suffered an economic default which would have turned things much worse than now..

However, the premier noted that only when Pakistan began to pick up on the economic affairs that Covid broke out globally and while we warded off relatively safe the international impact nevertheless slowed down our recovery.


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