Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Police raid ‘five-star hotel’ Quetta prison, recover luxurious items, drugs


QUETTA: Law Enforcing Authorities (LEAs) on Saturday carried out a raid at Quetta District Jail and to their astonishment they found it being turned into a five-star hotel, ARY NEWS reported.

Inspector General of Prisons (IGP) Balochistan while divulging details of the raid said that the action was carried out following the orders from Chief Justice Balochistan High Court.

He said that they carried out search operation in every barrack of the prison and found out that the inmates had turned it into a five-star hotel.

“We recovered a large number of prohibited items from the prison,” he said adding that 25 television sets, 300 mobile phones, heroin, and sort of drugs were recovered from the possession of inmates.

The authorities also recovered other banned items during a barrack-to-barrack search operation inside the prison that was shifted in two trucks, he said.

Use of drugs and other prohibited items inside the country’s prisons are reported many times and in one such case it was revealed in September 2017 that police and jail authorities are behind the well-organized and unfettered sale of drugs and alcohol among prisoners at the Karachi Central Jail.

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A prison inmate sent a message to ARY News making the startling revelation that the sale of drugs in jail is done in complete connivance with the police, while many drugs are provided by police officers who compel inmates to sell them within the jail.

The inmate revealed that drugs are sold between 15-20 thousand rupees, while alcohol under the disguise of ‘medicine’ is also been openly sold. Many inmates are also working to sell drugs in various barracks of the central jail. The money from the sale of drugs is split among the inmates, jail officials and the police.


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