Sunday, September 19, 2021

Power supply to Makran normalised: Hammad Azhar


ISLAMABAD: Federal Energy Minister Hammad Azhar said on Friday power supply to Makran division has been normalised.

Taking to Twitter, the minister expressed gratitude to Iran’s ambassador in Pakistan for “promptly accepting my request and normalising the flow of electricity to the Makran division”.

“In the meanwhile we are also bringing forward the timelines of the project that seeks to connect these areas to the national grid,” he said.

Earlier, the minister had said the Makran division faced the power outage because these were not reliant on the national grid but they got their electricity share from the Iranian grid.

“We have raised the issue with the neighbour government and have called on them to resolve the matter shortly”, he tweeted and added that the resolution to this problem is sought with Iran but all the while efforts are being put in to connect these areas to the national grid.

The realization of the plan requires laying the cable network across hundreds of miles which may be completed by two years, he said.

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