Monday, October 18, 2021

Primary student tortured by school teacher in Pir Mahal


PIR MAHAL: A teacher in Pir Mahal, a tehsil in Toka Tek Singh, Punjab, allegedly subjected a class four student to torture, ARY News reported on Saturday. 

A student named Ali Asghar suffered injuries on his lips due to the torture of the teacher at the government primary school in the area. The child fainted after reaching home from the school, the heirs said.

Meanwhile, the teacher, Ashfaque, accused of torturing the student, denied charges against him and said he only scold.

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Earlier, Police arrested a school teacher in Jhelum after a video went viral showing him torturing two girls.

The video of the teacher’s corporal punishments to the students went viral on social media which was also shared by Federal Minister for Water Resources, Faisal Vawda.

The teacher named Abu Bakar was taken into custody and the case against him was also registered.

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