Saturday, June 25, 2022

Prime Minister being fed false numbers: Shaukat Tarin


PTI leader Shaukat Tarin has said that the Prime Minister is being fed fake numbers, the PML-N government had kept the PKR artificially overpriced, and imports had plummeted in their era, ARY News reported. 

Former Finance Minister Shoukat Tarin, responding to the PM’s address to the nations, has said that the prime minister is being fed fake numbers, imports had gone over $30 million in the PML-N era, he added.

Talking to ARY News exclusively Shaukat said that the PML-N government had kept the dollar overvalued for over three years. We had planned to buy 30% cheaper petrol and gas from Russia if we had stayed, he added.

The former Finance Minister added that the incumbent government is not in its senses and has no idea what to do. They have two finance ministers, one in Pakistan and one in London, he added.

Shaukat Tarin claimed that the PML-N government should have been charged for keeping the US Dollar on an artificial level. Imports were skyrocketing in the PML-N era while exports had plummeted to nearly zero, he added.

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He added that PM wants to scare people by saying Rs18 trillion, Rs20 trillion, and Musharraf took our loans from Rs6 trillion to Rs25 trillion. Fuel prices have been increased, electricity prices would soon follow, there would be a storm of inflation and industries would shut down, he added.


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