Sunday, September 25, 2022

PTM is provoking Pashtun community with disinformation: Murad Saeed


ISLAMABAD: Federal communications minister Murad Saeed said Thursday Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement is agitating Pashtun community in Pakistan via disinformation and slander for the armed forces, ARY News reported.

Expanding on the recent revelations by EU Disinfo Lab, the federal minister said Indian social media accounts were engaged in vile propaganda to damage China Pakistan Economic Corridor projects.

He said it was not the government but the independent research lab that brought to the fore these malicious activities against Pakistan in which some of the Pakistani renowned journalists are also involved.

The conspiracies behind protests regarding Balochistan in other countries have also been uncovered by the same lab. He said even Pakistani expatriates were surprised who were those people carrying out protests against Pakistan.

Those people carry out planned protests against Pakistan and cover it on media to benefit from it and in the same vein, the anti-Shia campaigns are run by some elements to air sectarian fire.

He claimed the propaganda against Gilgit-Baltistan, Kashmir, and Karachi run via social media campaign is also part and parcel of the same anti-Pakistan conspiracy being orchestrated by India.

India is now plagued by the same fundamentalism and has always tried to associate with Pakistan, Murad Saeed said and noted we need to identify the elements being used for this or Pakistan will continue to be maligned like this.

READ: Pakistan rejects Indian bid to deny EU DisinfoLab report

Earlier this week, Pakistan rejected Indian attempt to deny responsibility for the elaborate and reprehensible global disinformation campaign against Pakistan exposed by EU DisinfoLab.

In a statement, Foreign Office spokesperson Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri said that the independent, non-profit disinformation watchdog’s latest report illustrates in graphic detail the web of more than 750 media in 116 countries; over 550 website domain names registered; resurrection of dead people; impersonation of EU institutions and direct control of more than 10 NGOs accredited to the UN Human Rights Council, utilized for the purpose of pushing fake news and false Indian propaganda against Pakistan since 2005.


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