Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Video of fierce fight between python, cobra goes viral


A four-minute video of a fierce fight between a python and a cobra in a water stream has gone viral after being shared on social media platforms.

The video has been uploaded on Youtube and has garnered more than 6 million views.

The video showed two giant snakes passing over each other in a water land with one of them initially biting the other to initiate a fierce battle. The python and cobra then started to drag each other in the muddy water.

While the king cobra bit the python many times the python wrapped around the cobra.

However, the python was no match for the king cobra. The king cobra bit the python brutally but the latter did his best to put up a good fight. The injured python then accepted his defeat and slithered away. In the end, both the snakes then went in different directions.

In a brave fight put up by a chicken, a snake is captured on camera running away as soon as the hen attacks the serpent eyeing to eat her eggs.

The video of the entire episode has been shared on social media with the caption” “This brave chicken managed to successfully chase off a black racer snake!”.

It has since then gone viral and has received more than 27.5k views on Twitter.


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