Thursday, October 21, 2021

Python breaks through the roof of snake-proof house


A couple in Australia were surprised after a python managed to break through the roof of their snake-proof house in Queensland state.

The snake catcher named Luke Huntley, who was called on to the scene, disclosed the story on his Facebook page.

“They had seen a python leaving the roof and thought that was the only one,” he stated. “They then fully snake proofed and sealed the roof up afterward.”

He added: “Soon after they could hear sliding noises in the roof and then! This big 2.5m carpet python broke it’s way out to freedom! Bit of a surprise for them.”

Huntley said that the two let the reptile return to its habitat, adding that the couple were more worried about the damages than the snake invasion itself.

“What a beautiful snake and what a place for her to come through!” he wrote.

Huntley jokingly said that the people should ensure that they have no serpents hiding inside their homes before proofing them against the reptiles.

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it is to be noted that several bizarre stories about snakes have made rounds recently.

In India, a cobra was seen accepting a woman’s request of leaving her home after it was being promised milk and frequent visits by the owner.

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