Sunday, October 2, 2022

Queen Elizabeth using a wheelchair?


The longest-reigning British monarch Queen Elizabeth II is rumoured to be using a wheelchair due to deteriorating health conditions, The News International reported. 

According to details, the Queen does not want to be seen using a wheelchair.

Speculations and rumours about the Queen’s health started to circulate a few days ago after she pulled out of some royal engagements. Royal fans and experts have been concerned about the 95-year-old monarch.

The royal palace has not commented on reports about the Queen’s usage of a wheelchair.

However, the Queen has started her best to ensure that she is never seen in a wheelchair, despite it is being alleged that she has the use of one to navigate the substantial distances of her home in Windsor Castle.

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A source close to the royal household told The Daily Beast “She is not wheelchair-bound but she has got a wheelchair.”

It added that the Queen is 95, she walks with a stick, and by her admission, her feet don’t work very well. It’s not like the big oak doors close at the end of an audience and she then walks off hundreds of yards to the next room she wants to go into. There is a footman with a wheelchair.”


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