Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Saba Qamar shares three rules for a happy life


Renowned actor Saba Qamar recently took to social media to share three rules for leading a happy life. 

“No expectations, no demands and no complaints” are the three key rules for a happy life,” the Hindi Medium actress wrote on her Instagram story.

Earlier, she urged people to self quarantine and stay at home to protect not just themselves but their community as well.

The starlet also requested people to help those affected by the lockdown amid the coronavirus outbreak. “While doing that don’t forget those in need, we all can help them by donating a little amount to the people who cannot sit back home without working.”

Saba Qamar went onto laud the role of “all the doctors around the globe for serving the patients and still working for all of us.”

She also shared some tips to keep oneself busy in self isolation and said this is also what she is doing these days:  “Wash hands regularly , take shower, pray , do yoga, watch movies/seasons and learn new better things from YouTube informative videos.”


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