Sunday, September 25, 2022

School headmistress removed after video of exploiting minor girls surfaces


RAHIM YAR KHAN: A school headmistress was caught on camera making her minor pupil clean her scalp off of head louse after which the video went viral leading to her removal, ARY News reported Thursday.

The headmistress reportedly and seemingly exploited female students and laboring them into removing lice from her hair on one occasion while on a different occasion was seen sitting idly and regally employing the child to wave hand fan at her.

The video has garnered criticism from all sections of the society who said it warrants serious action on part of the authorities. The headmistress as a result of spike was suspended immediately.

Some said her video must have been out after students were pretty certain she is not going to change and would keep abusing them take advantage of her authority.

Some comments read that whoever planned this video did a great job for exposing how our government school teachers exploit young lot from underprivileged backgrounds and instilling in them a sense of slavery from the get-go.

Lured with job offer, girl gang-raped in Gojra

Separately from another part of Punjab, a ghastly gang-rape case was reported, where three men molested a girl by luring her into the trap of offering a job in Gojra, Toba Tek Singh district of Punjab.

According to police, the girl was raped by three men in a vehicle at gunpoint after she was lured into the trap of offering a job.  The suspects after throwing the girl at Faisalabad Interchange fled away.

The police the girl has been sent to the hospital for a medical check up. Detailing the incident, the police said, the girl was asked for a job interview by three men.


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