Friday, August 12, 2022

WATCH: Schoolgirl beats harasser as boy begs for forgiveness  


In a daring move, a schoolgirl had enough of being harassed as she beat up an alleged stalker with a stick who could be heard in the video begging for forgiveness.

The incident occurred at India’s Meerut city in the UP state as the beating was filmed on camera, where the girl could be seen hitting the youth multiple times. She could be heard repeatedly shouting, “How dare you harass us?”

The beating took place at a busy marketplace in Meerut and the boy could be heard asking for forgiveness.

Detailing the entire episode later, the schoolgirl told local media that the boy along with his other friend was harassing her and her friends for the past few days. “He asked for our numbers,” she said.

Local media while detailing the incident said that the boy often accompanied by his friend used to sit on their motorcycle and wait for the girls.

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But on Friday, one of the girls seemed to have had enough as she confronted them rather than walk quietly past their motorcycle. They were taken aback.

As the duo tried to flee, a passerby caught them. The girl allegedly slapped the youth who was harassing her as he begged for forgiveness. Soon police reached the spot and she allegedly took a police baton and beat him.

The police said that they have arrested the youngsters and would register an FIR after receiving a complaint from the girl.


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