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Scientist have developed ‘Invisibility shield’ similar to Harry potter’s cloak


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A UK based company named ‘Invisibility Shield Co’, had developed a shield that uses a special lens array to redirect light, rendering any objects or people hiding behind it ‘invisible.’, Daily Mail reported. 

Invisibility cloaks and shields have been a prominent feature in sci-fi movies, but thanks to ‘Invisibility Shield Co’ the fantasy has been turned into reality.

The company has so far made 25 fully functional shields and the team is determined to make manufacture more of them.


The team said that ‘disappointed by the lack of progress and the continued unavailability of actual working invisibility shields, we decided to step things up and go all-in on our project to create one.’

They added ‘We went through countless iterations, tested a lot of materials, and experienced a lot of failures.’

The shield uses a special lens to redirect light from the person hiding behind it and reflects it away from the observer.

From the observer’s perspective, the background light is ‘smeared’ horizontally across the shield, blocking out the area where the subject would usually be seen
The invisibility shield uses a special lens array to direct much of the light reflected from the object or person hiding behind it away from the observer, sending it sideways across the face of the shield to the left and right

Different types of lens shapes with varying angles, depth, separation distance and profiles were tested to develop the shield.

The team explained that ‘The material used to create the shields is UV resistant, temperature resistant and extremely durable, it is commonly used for external signage and marine applications.’

To develop the shields, the team tested a variety of different lens shapes with varying angles, depths, profiles and separation distances

The team claims that the shields perform best against uniform backgrounds such as foliage, sky and sand.

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