Sunday, August 1, 2021

Seminary teacher Azizur Rehman admits sexually abusing student


LAHORE: Seminary teacher Mufti Azizur Rehman on Monday confessed to sexually abusing a student besides also trying to harass the latter to refrain him from making the video viral, ARY NEWS reported.

On Sunday, Punjab police announced the arrest of a suspect allegedly involved in sexually assaulting a seminary student in Lahore along with his son, who is also blamed for threatening the victim.

“We have been able to arrest this criminal. We will take it as a test case, interrogate him, conduct a scientific professional investigation, prosecute and get him convicted by the court,” the IG Punjab said in a message on Twitter.

The cleric has now during police interrogation verified the contents of the video showing him and a student named Sabir Shah and said that it was filmed by the latter. “I sexually assaulted him while offering him to help in clearing the exams,” he said.

The cleric said that he was scared after the video got viral on social media and his sons threatened the student to stop him from speaking to anyone else.

“I released a video clarifying my position as I do not want to leave the seminary,” he revealed and added that he was asked to leave the seminary prior to his video statement.

Further divulging details of his arrest, Azizur Rehman said that he got arrested after his phone location was traced. “I was hiding in Mianwali when police arrested me,” he said while expressing remorse over the act committed by him with the student.

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