Friday, February 3, 2023

Shehroz Sabzwari speaks up about #MeToo movement, Aurat March


Actor Shehroz Sabzwari said that the “Me Too” movement is being used as a tool for spreading vulgarity in society.

Shehroz Sabzwari, son of prolific actor Behroze Sahzwari, came as a guest in ARY News show Har Lamha Purjosh – hosted by Waseem Badami – where he was answering his “masoomaana sawalaat”.

The 36-year-old said that the movement has been beneficial for society with many oppressed women making their voices heard by using the hashtag but the “Aurat March” became the tool for spreading vulgarity.

The Hasad star went on to say that he will support it provided it is used in the correct way.

Earlier, Shehroz Sabzwari’s wife-actor Sadaf Kanwal, speaking about feminism, had said that she will do her husband’s work as she was his spouse.

He claimed that he had no problems in picking up her shoes as she is doing the same for him, adding that the same lifestyle is followed at their home.

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The celebrity spoke against item numbers in the films by saying that there is no logic behind them but will do so only if they are needed in the movies.


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Shehroz Sabzwari claimed that he was never beaten during his childhood thanks to his father being in the showbiz industry.

When being asked to pick between the acting skills of his father or uncle Javed Shaikh, he said that he cannot do so as they are both excellent in the field cannot be compared.


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