Saturday, August 13, 2022

Wagon driver’s flawed judgment caused Sheikhupura tragedy: Sheikh Rasheed


ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed on Friday condoling the unfortunate train accident occurring earlier in the day in Sheikhupura killing at least 20 Sikh pilgrims onboard said that unguarded railway crossings across the country are a main reason behind many such incidents, ARY News reported.

The federal minister said that there are about 3000 railway crossings in the country that barely have a security guard stationed on them.

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Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed added that the creation of Karachi–Peshawar Railway Line (ML-1) will put all such railway crossing to bed and the concept will no longer continue to exist.

Ahmed said that the year of ML-1’s completion will be one of prosperity and development.

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The minister further revealed that the unfortunate accident occurring earlier in the day was due to a lapse in judgment by the wagon driver who took an alternative route after he discovered that the railway crossing was crossed.

The driver did not wait for the train to cross and tried crossing the tracks before it which resulted in the tragedy, said Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed.


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