Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Skeletons stolen from centuries-old graveyard of Karachi


KARACHI: Unidentified thieves have reportedly stolen skeletons from a centuries-old graveyard of Karachi located in the Kathore area of Gadap Town, ARY News reported on Friday.

It was revealed that unidentified persons stole human skeletal remains from the 400-year-old ancient graveyard in Karachi. Residents said that they noticed human bones spread near the graves when they were passing through the graveyard.

Police said that rumours were spread in the area that a treasure was hidden under the graves. They expressed suspicions that someone may have tried to dig the grave to find the treasure.

They said that the ancient graveyard is located in a hilly area which is not commonly used by the locals. Police officials told the media that a shepherd was the first who informed the residents regarding the human bones and later a police team rushed to the graveyard.

“There were only 13 graves in the 400-year-old graveyard and only one grave was dug up. The residents told us the remaining graves were closed after the incident. No one has contacted the police department for the registration of a case,” they added.


On June 1, the remains of human bodies had been found during the excavation of a plot in Karachi’s Baldia.

The human organs that had been found during excavations include the skeletons of a child and two adults. Rescue officials had told the media the excavation was expanded at the plot after the discovery. The bones appeared to have been buried long ago.

Police had said that excavation was going on to lay a water line in the plot. It is not known how many people were buried at the plot but they are investigating. According to the police, all the bones will be DNA tested, and DNA tests will be able to determine the sex, age and cause of death.


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