Tuesday, January 18, 2022

WATCH: Smart monkey finds Jugaad to get down from stairs quickly


Monkeys are considered to be the smartest animals in the world and one of them can be seen using his skills in a recent viral video on social media.

In the viral video clip, money can be seen using a trick to climb down the stairs faster than the other monkeys. The video shared on Instagram ’ a day ago has now gone viral with more than 6,500 likes.

Visitors seem to not notice the hilarious way the monkey was going down the staircase probably because the place has a lot of monkeys. However, the person filming the video did. The video also shows that another monkey is climbing down the stairs normally from the steps.

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The monkey used its two hands to glide down the double railing with its legs catching up quickly.

Netizens were impressed with the way the monkey was sliding down the staircase and even found it funny.


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