Monday, January 17, 2022

Snowfall, heavy rain in Chilas region renders entry to Gilgit blockaded


DIAMER: With heavy rains and snowfall in the region spanning over Chilas, Diamer and across large parts of Gilgil Baltistan, the entryways into the province have been blockaded while tourists told to avoid traveling here, ARY News reported on Sunday.

The district authorities have stopped the cars approaching the region as the Babusar Naran National Highway is not to be traveled over, due to obstacles following the downpour.

The rains have been lashing the entire region, the district authorities have said, as they stop cars, going there, at the Zero Point.

Those traveling for leisure and tourism should avoid coming here for a while, the officials advised people at large.

Lahore transporters hike fares up to 20% following petrol ‘bomb’

On the other hand from the travelers and intercity commuters, following the surge in petrol prices to a historic high, the intercity transporters in Lahore have hiked tickets in response as well by 15- to -20 per cent.

The Lahore to Karachi fares from the bus have been jacked Rs200 to now Rs3,800, the union announces new rates following petrol prices climbing to Rs137.7 per litre on October 16.

Lahore to Peshawar commute will cost passengers Rs1,600 after a hike of Rs100.

Federal information minister Fawad Chaudhry said that there has been such propaganda on petrol price surge as if we are from a separate planet, referring to the three-year high surge in Brent crude prices, to $85/barrel, translating to historic high petrol price of Rs137.70 a litre in Pakistan.


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