Thursday, October 21, 2021

Can you spot the frog hidden in this viral picture?


A picture went viral on social media that asks users to find a frog hidden between stones and leaves in the water. 

The image was posted by Louisiana’s Glenda Adams Phillips after she was forced to come out of her home owing to the loud noises of the toads.

The woman headed outside her home in Greenwell Springs to see from where loud noises were coming. She found out that tree frogs, bullfrogs and toads were making the sounds.

In an interview, Phillips recalled the incident and her experience with the creature.

“The little frog jumped in front of me on the concrete part of my carport and scared me. Then he jumped to the rocks,” she said. “Then he jumped to the rocks.”

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The Louisiana local managed to take a picture of one of the frogs. By the time she took the image, the frog had camouflaged itself between the rocks and leaves.

However, Phillips admitted that she could not find it in her image.

“I had never seen one like this before and it was very tiny. We’ve had an extreme amount of rain this year, so everything has been staying pretty wet,” she added.

She decided to make a game out of it and posted it on social media to see if others could find it.

The frog is hidden here.

The social media users mentioned that it took a lot of effort to find the frog by zooming in the image way more than normal while another claimed using magnifying to complete the game.

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