Monday, August 15, 2022

Sugar price soars to Rs115/kg in Rawalpindi


RAWALPINDI: Sugar has disappeared from most of the markets in Rawalpindi after the government has initiated action against the sugar satta mafia, ARY News reported on Friday.

In a retaliatory move, the hoarders have created a shortage of sugar in Rawalpindi against the government’s action against the satta mafia. The artificial shortage of sugar has jacked up the price of sugar to Rs115 per kg in the area.

Meanwhile, the district administration has decided to launch action against the hoarders.

On Thursday, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) unearthed details of 392 more benami accounts of sugar mafia from the WhatsApp groups of the satta mafia.

Overall transactions worth Rs6 billion were conducted from the benami accounts. The FIA seized the amount in the accounts. The seized amount was earned from the satta on the sugar, the sources had added.

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Furthermore, the agency had acquired a record of 1,000 WhatsApp groups of the sugar satta mafia from across the country.

The evidence of the involvement of more than 30 sugar mills of Punjab has also been collected by the investigation team.


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