Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Sugar prices go up across Pakistan


KARACHI/LAHORE/SUKKUR: Prices of sugar have been jacked up in various parts of the country, ARY News reported on Thursday.

The wholesale rate of the essential commodity has gone up Rs25 in Karachi after which its available Rs140 per kg now. Whereas in the retail market the sugar kilogram is available for no less than Rs145.

In Lahore, the retail price of sugar currently stands at Rs140/kg while the Sugar Dealers Association says there’s a suspended supply of the commodity by the millers. The price of sugar has increased by Rs9 per kg in the wholesale market and is being sold at Rs135 per kg as compared to yesterday’s rate of Rs126 per kg.

On the other, sugar is being sold at Rs127 in the wholesale market, while same is being sold between Rs135 to 140 in the retail market. conceded Rs10 increase in the past two days alone where the sugar is now Rs13/kg.

With the increase of Rs200, a 50-kg sugar sack is being sold at Rs6,600 in Sukkur.

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On Wednesday, Prime Minister Imran Khan while addressing the nation had announced the ‘biggest’ relief package that the prices of petrol and gas will likely go up again owing to an international crisis.

The gas prices in Europe have increased 300 per cent, the premier said adding that Pakistan is an importer of gas and crude oil which is why the prices here soar as well.

Even the air frieghts have surged 350 per cent, he said. The Premier further added that the international fuel prices have gone up about 100 pc but in Pakistan these were only hiked 33 pc.


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