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Man jailed for setting ‘slow’ internet cables on fire

A man in China has been sentenced to seven years in jail for setting internet equipment ablaze after becoming enraged over a slow connection,...

Wife of Chinese man found, left home over domestic dispute: Lahore police

LAHORE: The wife of a Chinese man in Lahore has been found after it emerged that she left the home over a domestic dispute,...

Man arrested at Sri Lanka airport with 200 live scorpions

The island nation has strict laws on wildlife and fauna, but smuggling attempts are increasingly frequent.

Tapeworm eating man’s brain for 15 years removed

Lei felt some headache early in 2007 and since then his health deteriorated despite being treated for his tumor

Highway robbery: Chinese man steals and sells off road

BEIJING: An enterprising thief in eastern China has given new meaning to the phrase "highway robbery" by stealing an 800-metre-long (half-mile) stretch of concrete...

WATCH: Chinese man pretends to ‘collapse and die’ to get seat on a crowded train

A bizarre video has emerged showing a Chinese man fed up of not getting a seat in train and what he did next to...

China calls for explanation after Paris police shoot dead Chinese man

BEIJING: French police said on Tuesday they opened an inquiry after a Chinese man was shot dead by police at his Paris home, triggering...

‘If you are corrupt, I will fetch you using a helicopter and will throw you out’

TAGUM CITY: Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has threatened corrupt government officials with the prospect of being thrown out of a helicopter mid-air, warning he...