Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Teenager “dies” while shooting his own fake hanging video


A teenager in the Indore city of Madhya Pradesh state in India allegedly died after accidentally hanging himself while shooting an Instagram reel.

An Indian news agency reported that the deceased Aditya was a social media addict and frequently used to post videos across different platforms.

His parents made him delete all the applications to control the situation but he seized the opportunity to shoot a fake hanging video with the help of his friends after his parents went to a wedding.

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He climbed onto a chair and put the noose around his neck. However, he slipped and was left hanging in a death grip.

His friends ran away from the ugly. The incident came to light when his younger brother Rajdeep returned home after attending coaching classes.

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He called the neighbours for help and took his brother to a hospital where the latter was declared dead.

The police seized Aditya’s phone and his friends admitted that the deceased was indeed shooting a fake video.

However, no such clip has been found and an investigation is underway.


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