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Two-headed calf with three eyes born in India, pictures go viral


A village in the Odisha state of India saw the birth of a rare calf that had two heads and three eyes during a festival season and its picture went viral, according to an Indian news agency.

The calf was born in Odisha’s Nabrangpur district. The calf is born to a cow which is owned by a farmer named Dhaniram, from Bijapur village. He and his family were baffled after seeing the birth of the rare calf.

The cow, which got pregnant recently, was purchased by Dhaniram. It felt problems while delivering the calf. After being examined, he came to known that the newborn calf had two heads and three eyes.

Dhaniram mentioned that the animal was facing problems in being fed.


three eyed calf

two-headed calf

“The calf is having trouble drinking milk from its mother, so we have to purchase milk from outside and feed her,” Dhaniram’s son was quoted saying in the report.

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The birth of animals with rare features is not rare in India.

Earlier this year, a mutant calf born with two heads, four eyes, two mouths and a pair of ears left villagers in India’s Uttar Pradesh baffled.

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The cow delivered a rare two-headed calf in a village in Chandauli’s district. The mutant calf was born at the home of Arvind Yadav and both the cow and the calf were healthy.


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The news spread like jungle fire in the area and people thronged to see the rare calf. Veterinary doctors said that such a thing happens due to the abnormal development of cells during the development of the embryo.

Chief Veterinary Officer of Chandauli Dr Satya Prakash Pandey said, “During the development of the fetus in the womb, cells divide into many parts and during this process sometimes there is an additional development of cells. This is why two heads form.”


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