Sunday, August 14, 2022

Ukraine: ‘Pakistan almost completed evacuation of its nationals’


ISLAMABAD: The evacuation of Pakistanis is continued by the embassy as a total of 1,227 nationals have been evacuated from Ukraine so far, ARY News reported Wednesday.

Pakistan has almost completed the evacuation process of its nationals from war-hit Ukraine, Pakistani Envoy in Ukraine, Dr Noel Khokhar said while talking to ARY News.

Dr Noel Khokhar said the Pakistan embassy in Ukraine has rescued 1,227 Pakistanis to different countries, adding 21 nationals are waiting at different borders for evacuation.

As many as 50 to 60 Pakistani nationals have reached Ternopil, from where they will be evacuated in the next two days.

The envoy further said that they will remain vigilant at the borders in Ternopil, Romania and others to ensure that not a single Pakistani is left stranded.

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Earlier, the Pakistani embassy in Ukraine had released the details of evacuated Pakistanis including students stuck in Ukraine.

The embassy had said in a statement that the students were given accommodation and transport facilities in Ternopil besides highlighting the issue of Pakistanis’ evacuation operation stuck at the border areas.


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