Saturday, January 22, 2022

Umer Sharif landed in Germany after health declined onboard U.S. flight


BERLIN: The air ambulance carrying comedy veteran Umer Sharif to the United States has on Wednesday made an emergency landing in Germany after his health began to deteriorate amid flight, ARY News reported.

Germany allowed the emergency landing on humanitarian grounds and extended the comedy king and his wife a 15-day visa. However, the stay is likely to last only for a day to get the ailing celebrity emergency treatment.

His wife Ghazal said the stay came to place because Sharif had developed fever due to weariness. She thanked German authorities for granting the visa without delay.

Air ambulance carrying Umer Sharif leaves for US

The air ambulance carrying comedy king Umer Sharif departed yesterday for the United States from Karachi International airport.

Umer Sharif was brought to the airport in an ambulance from the city’s private hospital as the doctors earlier in the day had declared him fit for travelling to the United States for his advanced treatment.

The doctors of the air ambulance also checked the legendary comedian and declared him fit for the travel. Zareen Ghazal, wife of Umer Sharif is also accompanying him in the air ambulance.

The son of the comedy king, Javed Umer appealed to the nation to pray for the early recovery of his ailing father.


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