Friday, May 27, 2022

Ushna Shah pitches idea for a Pakistani Netflix original


Pakistani actress Ushna Shah has urged the entertainment industry needs to come up with a Netflix original that showcases the Mughal history and our cultural lifestyle as it falls in Pakistan’s domain.

In a Twitter post, ‘Balaa’ actor Ushna Shah lamented that the country has not made a Netflix original show.

“Not a single Netflix original has been made by Pakistan,” she wrote. “Heera-Mandi was what is present day inner-city Lahore.”

She added that India has many ideas for coming up with projects on their history and culture.

“Today, Mughal history mostly falls into Pakistan’s domain, language/some geography. We needed this.”

Earlier, the Balaa actress shared an article from a foreign lifestyle magazine and criticized Heera-Mandi’s director Sanjay Leela Bhansali for “culture appropriation”.

She said: “Culture collaboration is one thing but this is appropriation. Mimicking ours will make the project lose authenticity!”

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Ushna Shah mentioned that India has a plethora of rich cultures and history to film but Heera-Mandi was not theirs to make.


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A Twitter user replied to her by tweeting that the area became a part of Pakistan after the partition of the Indian subcontinent to which she pointed out that the area is in Pakistan.

“Its relevance is to the Mughal empire on which Pakistani history is predominantly set. This would be like a Pakistani director making a film about Mahabharata,” she wrote.


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