Saturday, July 2, 2022

Boy attempts dangerous stunt to take selfie on motorcycle, video goes viral


A video of a boy’s attempt to take a dangerous selfie going horribly wrong is going viral across social media platforms. 

The viral video sees one of them standing on the rear side of bike without a driver. His pillion was looking at him instead of watching the road ahead. 


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The boy, who was standing, lost his balance and fell on the road. His partner fell had no chance to save himself and crashed on the side of the road with the two-wheeler. 

The footage has thousands of views and hundreds of likes on the picture and video-sharing platform.

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It is pertinent to mention that people have resorted to dangerous means for making selfie, pictures and videos.

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Last year, a 26-year-old woman in Uttar Pradesh has tragically died of a gunshot wound that she reportedly fired trying to click a selfie with the single-barrel gun of her father-in-law.

The incident took place when the gun, which was loaded and the unsuspecting woman placed her finger on the trigger to pose for the selfie, went off, the local media reported.

The bullet hit Radhika Gupta on her neck and she was rushed to hospital. However, the doctors pronounced her dead on arrival.


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