Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Optical illusion: Can you find two animals in 10 seconds?


An optical illusion asking viewers to spot two hidden animals in 10 seconds is going viral and has social media users baffled.

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It is quite clear one of the two is an elephant in the viral optical illusion but what is the other one?

The second is a swan which has its wings one. We can see it by turning the picture upside-down. There is no use looking the sides or anyone else.

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Earlier, an optical illusion in which users had to look for a cat among a huge group of women made rounds. As they are dubbed to be the ‘mental gymnasium’ for human brains, the sharp ones trained well will be able to find the animal within the 20-second cap.

Managed to find it? No? Let’s get a closer look.

Still not? Need a hint? It’s a grey-coloured cat next to a lady with a scarf.

Looking for the solution? Here you go.

Were you able to locate it? Within the time limit? It’s fine if you couldn’t. The majority of people find it quite difficult to spot the animal despite the possible hints. The reason might be either its placement or the camouflaged colour scheme.


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