Friday, May 27, 2022

VIRAL: Dog’s act of bravery wins hearts online


A dog won the hearts of social media users after its video of saving a deer from drowning has gone viral across the platforms.

“A dog rescuing a baby deer from drowning ♥️” the tweet read.

The footage, shared on Twitter by Gidi Traffic, sees the black dog bringing the baby deer to shore. The person who filmed the incident is then seen holding the deer.

The heartwarming Twitter video has thousands of views and counting. Here’s how social media reacted to the incident.

Earlier, a video made rounds that showed a brave dog saving his pal by pulling him out of a raging river. It seemed as if the footage was recorded at a river before being posted on YouTube on January 17.

The quick-thinking Labrador managed to grab hold of the other dog’s stick and yank him from the water.

In the clip, a black Lab leaps into the water to chase a stick tossed by his owner, standing nearby.

But as he grabs hold of his prize, the current takes over and drags the dog downstream.

As he struggles in the fast-flowing water, a yellow Labrador standing nearby realises his pal is in trouble and immediately rushes to the rescue.

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Sticking his head towards the rushing current, the dog grabs hold of his buddy’s stick as it sails past and uses the strength in his jaw to drag him out of the water.

But some users questioned whether the dog actually wanted to save his pal or take the stick grabbed in the jaws of his friend in trouble.


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