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Wednesday, June 7, 2023
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Elderly woman confronts thieves with broomstick, video goes viral


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A video of an elderly woman confronting thieves with a broomstick is going viral across social media platforms. 

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The Daily Mail reported that two thieves jumped out of a Mitsubishi car before attacking a man and a woman at a street in Chelsea city. They wanted to steal a woman’s expensive watch “at any cost”.

The viral video showed the male companion trying to fend off the thieves. The elderly woman reached the scene and waved it at the muggers, causing them to evade the arrest.

A witness said she felt helpless while watching the incident unfold. The 40-year-old told her children to contact film the robbery as she contacted the police.

The witness said it was horrifying to see the incident unfold in the street where she has lived for 14 years. The woman said her children helped the couple by giving them water and made her sit in their car.

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“My daughter told her gently that she shouldn’t have been wearing it on display in London, but how were they to know? They said they had been in South Kensington, so we think the gang probably spotted them there and waited until they went into a quiet side street before they pounced,” she said.

“When the police arrived, they took our videos, but also said that the car would have been stolen or with cloned plates, and after the robbery, they would have probably dumped it, then gone three separate ways on the Tube or bus.Unless they’re caught red-handed, it seems they get away with it.”

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