Sunday, August 14, 2022

VIRAL: Man brings snake to hospital after it bites wife


An eerie incident saw a man coming to a hospital with the snake which bit his wife for its identification in India.

An Indian news agency reported that Ramendra Yadav’s wife got bitten by a snake in her house in the Afzal Nagar area of Hyderabad city. 

He took his wife to a district hospital for treatment. Surprisingly, the man brought the reptile – which he had caught in a bottle – to the medical centre so the doctors could identify its type. 

“What if you ask me which snake had bitten my wife. I brought the snake so that you could see for yourself,” he told the doctors.

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He said the snake was able to breathe through the holes which he made in the container. The man said he would release the creature into the wild after his wife gets discharged.

Earlier, a bizarre incident saw locals in the Gopalganj district of Bihar state bringing a snake that died in agony after biting a child who remained healthy in the attack.

The four-year-old Anuj, son of Rohit Kumar, was playing outside his home with the children. The locals rushed to the scene after hearing the screams. 

The people came to help the child while others came with sticks to kill the reptile that was already dead by then. 


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