Sunday, July 3, 2022

Viral: Man punches up child molester in elevator


A video of a father beating an alleged sexual molester accused of forcing himself on his 15-year-old daughter in an elevator in Russia is going viral.

A UK-based news agency The Daily Mail reported that the alleged 27-year-old molester is seen leaning towards the teenager and trying to kiss her in the life building located in Surgut city.

She shoved the alleged child molestor away after nudging him in the chest area and manages to walk away from the lift after it stopped.

A man, dressed in a blue jacket, is then seen barging into the lift and hitting the suspect. The video ends with the man dragging the alleged molester out of the lift by the scruff.

The report mentioned that the father continued to beat the suspect multiple times in one of the building’s corridors as well.

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The report further stated that the alleged sexual molester came under arrest on January 3 and an inquiry into the case has been launched.

The investigators are considering a charge of attempted rape of a minor.


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