Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Viral: Motorcyclist falls into giant pothole with his two-wheeler


A funny video of a motorcyclist falling into a giant pothole with his motorcycle while reversing is going viral on social media.

The viral video begins with the man, wearing a helmet and gear, mounting on his vehicle outside a shop.

He used his legs to reverse the motorcycle but did not look at the pothole behind him. He went right into it with his vehicle and disappeared.

The video has millions of views from Twitter users.

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A similar incident happened in June this year when a couple fell into a flooded pit with their scooty.

The incident happened in the Kishanpur area of Aligarh district in the Uttar Pradesh state of India.

The video of the incident sees police officer Dayanand Singh Attri and his wife Anju Attri in the back seat of a scooty on a flooded street. The bike fell in the ditch when the cop wanted to park the two-wheeler in the parking spot.

The people came to their help and got them out of the flooded ditch. However, the video did not show the vehicle being recovered from the pit.


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