Sunday, August 14, 2022

VIRAL: Burglar forgets keys on crime scene


A thief in the United States came back to the crime scene to take the keys he forgot in a doughnut company’s corporate office.

Police said the thief stole cash from a Johnny Doughnuts office in San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California state. He took the company vehicle’s keys but could not steal it.

Lt. Dan Fink of the San Rafael Police Department, addressing the media, said the thief used an “unknown tool” to break inside the office. Authorities asked the people to come forward and help them identify the criminal. 

A video, shared by the police department, saw the alleged thief heading to the storage area. He opened a filing cabinet. The lieutenant added the burglar went away with a bag filled with cash.

“Part of the investigating is finding out why this specific business was targeted,” he said.

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Craig Blum, the company’s founder, said his company plans to deliver doughnuts to the law enforcement agency for coming to their help and ensuring that they can continue serving the community with hand-crafted doughnuts without interruption. 

“It was an unfortunate incident, but we’re glad no doughnuts or team members were harmed. Sometimes even the thought of a doughnut makes you do crazy things,” he said.


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