Thursday, February 2, 2023

VIRAL: Thousands demanded from another foreign tourist for horse ride


KARACHI: Another incident of mistreatment with a foreign tourist namely Dale Philip has taken place at Karachi’s Sea View beach in which he has been demanded thousands for horse-ride, ARY News reported on Saturday.

The video of an American tourist Dale Philip posted on his Facebook page has gone viral in which he complained of being surrounded and forced by men to pay Rs5,000 despite committing to receive Rs200 for a horse ride at Karachi Sea View beach.

Police took immediate action following the incident and arrested three accused appearing in the viral video. The arrested men are identified as Ahsanullah s/o Abdullah, Maqsood s/o Shafiq and Jahanzeb s/o Sidiqullah.

According to a media statement, Darakshan police station received the information of some horsemen misbehaviour with the American tourist. It read that the police took notice of this incident and identified the delinquents and apprehended them.

Another video of the arrested men has surfaced in which they could be seen behind the bars and seeking pardon from the foreign tourist Dale Philip and the citizens for their wrongful act.

Earlier in February, a foreigner had been looted at Karachi Sea View beach by robbers disguised as cops. The foreigner was visiting Pakistan to attend a marriage ceremony.

An FIR had been registered against the street crime incident in district South in which the complainant said that his son-in-law and his friend, who was visiting Pakistan from the United Kingdom, went to a money changer in Clifton to exchange 1000 British Pounds.


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