Sunday, June 26, 2022

Viral video shows crabs force closure of roads, bridges


A video of red crabs making their way onto streets, bridges, and other areas in Christmas Island of Australia has gone viral.

The 58-second viral video was shared by Reuters and it went viral on Twitter with at least 31,000 views and 326 likes.

The locals and tourists in Christmas Island were baffled by the scene and it made the authorities closed down roads, parks, bridges and other public places.

Here’s how the social media users reacted.

An official of Parks Australia stated that the creature of the sea is found everywhere in the region during the migration season.

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“With red crab migration in full swing on Christmas Island, the crabs are turning up everywhere, including at the door of an office block,” the spokesman was quoted saying in the report.

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He added: “Our staff has been out managing traffic, raking them off roads, and providing updates to the community on road closures.”


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