Friday, May 27, 2022

VIRAL: YouTuber accused crashing his own airplane for views


The Federal Aviation Authority of the United States launched an investigation against a YouTuber for allegedly crashing his aircraft for likes. 

In the video, titled I crashed my we can see Trevor Jacob parachuting from his airplane before it crashed in California. 

He had recently bought the aircraft in which he would commute from Santa Barbara to Mammoth Lakes for doing paragliding and snowboarding. 

The suspect was looking to spread the ashes of his friend who died because of a wingsuit mishap back in 2015. 

According to the YouTuber, the plane came crashing down after it stalled due to a loss of engine power

In the video, he said that he always flew with a parachute. 

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However, the netizens became suspicious of him and raised questions about the incident.

The netizens claimed that the social media star made edits to the video whereas the YouTuber’s claim of flying with parachutes all the time are being questioned.

There are several videos of him paragliding without wearing a parachute. 

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It is pertinent to mention that pilots of small airplanes said they don’t wear parachutes in flights due to short space. 

Moreover, his parachute is designed solely for exiting the aircraft while there were two fire extinguishers strapped to his legs which is not common when flying any kind of airplane.

The YouTuber, if proven guilty, may have his license cancelled by the Federal Aviation Authority and face repercussions. 


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