Monday, August 15, 2022

Zoo now allowing visitors to sleep next to lions


The visitors of London Zoo in England are getting the opportunity to sleep next to a breeding group of endangered Asiatic lions in a lodge.

A foreign news agency reported that the bookings for the ‘room with a zoo’, which is situated in the Land of the Lions exhibit started on Thursday.

The cost of an overnight stay in the Gir Lion Lodge for one visitor is £378 while the fees for two visitors are set at £558. The customers will also get to enjoy drinks, a two-course dinner, breakfast and a pre-opening tour of the zoo during the stay.

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The head of the zoo’s product development Emma Taylor said it will be a unique experience for safari lovers.

Gir Lion Lodge is made of nine wooden cabins which is ‘within roaring distance’ inside the enclosure and surrounded by a protective fence.

The breeding group of the lion, which is smaller than those found in Africa, were hunted to such an extent that it is now on the brink of extinction.


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