Wednesday, October 5, 2022

WATCH: Mighty meteor blazing over Norway sky likely slams into Oslo land


A video that surfaced online this week has captured the moment an unusually large and flaring meteor with a tall tail blazed through the Norwegian skies, leaving people wonderstruck.

The meteor made a spectacular sound and put on a gaudy display rumbling across the sky, and a bit of it may have hit Oslo earth possibly, according to a Reuters report.

Videos that have been shared online show the meteor, appearing as a fireball falling from the sky and erupting into a bright flash lighting up a marina.

The Norwegian Meteor Network said Sunday’s fireball was visible for at least five seconds after it appeared at about 01:00 local time (4:00 am PST).

Another angle of the video further establishes the shooting star for the masses to behold the spectacular phenomenon.

Travelling at about 16.3km/s, the meteor could be seen over large parts of southern Scandinavia, the network added.

“What we had last night was a large rock travelling likely from between Mars and Jupiter, which is our asteroid belt. And when that whizzes in, it creates a rumble, light and great excitement among us (experts) and maybe some fear among others,” Morten Bilet of Norwegian Meteor network told Reuters. He saw and heard the meteor himself as he described it as a “spooky” event, rather than a dangerous one.

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However, there were no immediate reports of injuries or damage as the authorities received many emergency calls about the mysterious event.

To learn more on the meteor’s origin and destination, A team of experts have been sent to the area where the meteor is suspected to have landed while another diagnoses the video evidence.

The site believed to be the scene of the crash, Finnemarka, is being inspected and scanned by a team of experts, that lays around 60 kilometres west of Oslo.


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