Wednesday, August 10, 2022

BLOOPER: woman orders food online twice, gets it wrong twice


Have you ever ordered something online from a restaurant but only when it reaches your doorstep you realize you made a mistake while ordering it? You must have. But did you try again and made the same mistake again? Nope. Because this one is rare.

Although this is exactly what happened with a McDonald’s customer as she was left disappointed after making a hilarious error in her orders.

The customer ordered a late-night meal for herself and offered to add something for her best friend’s girlfriend.

The girlfriend asked for a burger to be added but wanted it to be personalized to ensure that it was only a burger and cheese and no extras such as sauce or gherkins.

However, the woman got too carried away and unticked a lot of boxes. Eventually, she ended up removing many items from the burger. When the order arrived at their home, she found out they had removed the bun and patty from the order. All they received was two slices of cheese in a cardboard box.

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“I’d clicked all the boxes saying no bun no burger no anything BUT I managed to put extra cheese. Therefore her order was two slices of cheese in a box,” she wrote.

“I was so embarrassed BUT the story doesn’t end there. I reorder a cheeseburger from McDonald’s but this time I’ve accidentally ordered it with no cheese and extra cheese at the same time,” she added.

“We spend the time waiting for the delivery debating on whether this thing is gonna have cheese on it. IT DOESN’T so now my [best friend’s girlfriend] has two slices of hot melted cheese in one box and a burger with just the meat and bun in another. I really shouldn’t have insisted on getting her that burger…,” she said.


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