Thursday, October 21, 2021

Video: Woman falls between moving train, railway platform


A woman had a narrow escape from death after she fell on the gap between a platform and a moving train at the Vasai Road Railway Station.

The incident’s video was shared by a foreign news agency on its Twitter account.

In the video, we can see two women and a man walking on a platform as the train started to leave for its destination. The lady in green gets on the train and loses her balance. She fell between the train and the platform.

Her husband rushes to her wife’s aid and tries to pull her to safety. The passersby then join him and manage to get her back on the platform.


The netizens criticized the railway system for making railway journeys unsafe while others blamed the woman for being reckless. Here’s what they had to say.

Earlier, a woman in the United States died after she got pulled by a train.

She had tied her dog’s leash on her waist and climbed the train. She changed her mind and off-loaded herself but the dog stood still.

She fell on the railway track and the train left with her pet.

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