Sunday, August 14, 2022

Karachi woman gave ‘supari’ for husband’s murder


KARACHI: A woman allegedly hired contract killers to assassinate her husband in Karachi, ARY News reported, citing police sources.


According to the details, police took the woman and her boyfriend into custody in suspicion of her husband’s murder who had been found dead few days earlier at a park in Clifton area of Karachi.

During the interrogation, her boyfriend revealed that the woman had paid him Rs 100,000 for the assassination of her husband.

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In his confessional statement, the suspect admitted that he along with another hit-man had killed her husband in his house located in Shireen Jinnah Colony .

He maintained that they had bundled his body onto the motorcycle and threw it on Umar Sharif Park in Clifton. The park is situated at a distance of around three kilometers from Shireen Jinnah Colony.

The police said that the ‘supari’ was equally divided between her boyfriend and another hit-man who was still at large. The officials said that they were conducting raids to apprehend the hit-man involved in the murder.

Police officials said that they were investigating the murder from various angles to determine the motives behind the killing.


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