Tuesday, August 3, 2021

WATCH: Women fall in open manhole, remain unharmed


In a narrow escape, two women remained unharmed after they fell into an open manhole one by one as the entire episode was captured on a surveillance camera.

The incident occurred in Mumbai’s Bhandup district, where a road was submerged after heavy rain lashed parts of the metropolis.

The CCTV video shows women passing by an open manhole when one of them could be seen falling into it. She however managed to come out of it safely.

The other woman also captured on camera could be seen falling into the open manhole upto her waist as she struggled to come out of it, however, it emerged that she was later rescued and remained unharmed.

Local media reports quoting nearby residents said that it is not the first time such an incident has taken place. Sadashiv Nair, a shopkeeper, said that he had tied ropes to barricade the manhole, but because people didn’t have any other option, they ignored the ropes and fell in the manhole.

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Locals reported that getting out of their homes during the monsoon is extremely difficult and that while it is fortunate that there is no school, many children have also fallen into the manhole.

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