Monday, September 27, 2021

How Young Stunners Became Game Changers in Pakistani Music


Talha Younus and Talha Anjum are ruling the music scene in Pakistan. Together they become the amazing Young Stunners and are regarded as the voice of this generation. However, a few years back the duo was struggling to make their voice heard.

There was no appreciation for this kind of music in Pakistan. Rap was an unexplored genre and there was no support for aspiring rappers.

Moreover, Urdu Rapping was an unknown territory where no artist ventured. In such circumstances it was pure dedication that kept them going. They had no connections in the music industry yet it was their passion, believe in their selves and the power of Why Not Meri Jaan? That was their strength.

Young Stunners themselves embody the thought of their latest song. It’s a beautiful collaboration with Pepsi. The refreshing hip hop beat, enthralling video and the intriguing lyrics make this song a very special experience.


Along with its playful vibe, the song does a huge social service. It calls out the youth to never let go their dreams and stay positive. Young Stunners add more authenticity to the idea as their own journey has been all about dealing with stereotypes.

Without any support they managed to introduce Urdu Rap Music in Pakistan. They have added their colors to the pop culture scene in the country and have really managed to do it very well. The song is very well received by fans all over the globe and will always be one of the best pieces produced by Young Stunners.

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