Sunday, September 19, 2021

Abduction of Afghan envoy’ daughter: All taxi drivers released, says Sheikh Rasheed


ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad on Saturday announced that the taxi drivers who were arrested in connection with the alleged abduction of the daughter of Afghanistan’s ambassador have been released, ARY NEWS reported.

“We have released taxi drivers who were arrested in connection with the case of Afghan envoy’s daughter,” interior minister sheikh rasheed said while addressing a press conference and added that these are poor souls who used to work during days and run taxis at night.

On July 18, Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad said that the daughter of the Afghan envoy to Pakistan was not kidnapped but she merely went missing without informing anyone.

“This is all a part of an international conspiracy against Pakistan in collaboration with RAW,” the interior minister had said as Afghanistan recalled its ambassador days after the incident which saw envoy’s daughter claiming that she was abducted and assaulted in a cab in the federal capital.

Noor Mukadam murder 

Furthermore, the interior minister once again reiterated that the government would not spare the murder suspect in the Noor Mukadam case. “If it is upto me then I would have shot him,” interior minister said and appealed to the media to stop highlighting such people.


The prime suspect in the former ambassador’s daughter Noor Mukadam murder case, Zahir Jaffar, is currently in the custody of the police along with his parents and servants who are also blamed for abetment in the entire episode.

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